Equine Massage Therapy
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Cheryl A. Schenne                                                        HORSE    
Certified Equine Massage Therapist                        BLANKET
West Falls,NY                                                                REPAIR
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Equine Massage Therapy is an extremely useful, preventative and therapeutic measure for every kind of horse, whether it's your 
back yard buddy or a top of the line show animal we see competing in the Olympics.  Fatigued muscles, ligaments & tendons can all benefit from massage therapy in addition to any needed medical therapies.  There are cases on record where even chronic ailments such as arthritis, foundering, and neurological problems have responded to the touch of the equine massage therapist, have shown results and is growing support and recognition by veterinarians and horsepeople worldwide.  
It is totally non-invasive, and is a wonderfully comprehensive tool to work with the resolution of accidental and sports related injuries, along with promoting the general good health and well-being of our equine friends.  We appreciate the hard work and unconditional love our horses provide for us & equine massage therapy helps us give
something back to them.  
The techniques applied in equine massage therapy provide the needed relief for a total health care regimen, along with our personal satisfaction that we have helped our horses the best way we could.
Equine Massage Therapy is NOT meant to be a replacement for veterinary care, and should not be considered as such.  
There are certain instances when it is NOT beneficial, such as the existence of fever, shock, cancer and/or other medical problems.  Massage Therapy is meant to provide progressive relief and using it during the aforementioned conditions could prove to advance or aggravate possible life-threatening instances. 
 If this is your case, PLEASE contact your Vet immediately.
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