Equine Massage Therapy
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Cheryl A. Schenne
Certified Equine Massage Therapist
West Falls,NY
716-655-2328 home
631-495-4947 cell e-mail

  Equine massage is extremely beneficial in all aspects of equine care
Loosens, warms and readies the muscles 
Relieves muscle pain & stiffness by returning 
muscles to a normal state much faster than without any therapy

Helps to keep the entire body in
optimum physical condition

Massage is comparable to a skilled craftsman restoring a valuable piece of furniture which helps to retain its value.  Body weight is used as leverage in order to keep tension to a minimum so that it is not transferred to your horse, and both hands are kept on the horse at all times in order to reassure him and guide the massage sequence.  This technique also serves to alert the therapist of any tensing or movement that could be potentially dangerous.  There is a definite rhythm used, and in most instances both the therapist and the subject thoroughly enjoy the session!    
Sixty percent of your horses' weight is muscle...the object of Equine Massage Therapy is LOCATE, OPEN, TREAT & CLOSE sore and affected muscles

Compression is used specifically to open & close a muscle area, along with softening up large areas of muscle tissue- when a muscle is compressed, the blood flows more evenly.  There are several techniques used to massage your horse...let us show you how beneficial it can be to you and your equine partner.  A free preliminary evaluation can be done at your request according to your schedule--our hours are extremely flexible, days, evenings and weekends.  Muscle problems are usually cumulative in nature--if one set of muscles is tight, your horse will tense up and use other muscles to compensate.  Our job is to locate these areas and help to restore them to optimum condition through massage therapy.  Our evaluation will pinpoint the reasons why your horse may be showing signs of resistance and/or disobedience.  Resistance can easily turn to resentment - we can turn that around! 

Again, HorseSerenity cannot stress enough that massage is
NEVER a substitute for veterinary medicine.  If there is no improvement after 3 sessions at the most, the intervention of your Vet, Blacksmith and/or Equine Dentist will be recommended.  HorseSerenity will not continue to work on a horse after we make this recommendation without further clearance from your professional.  An example of this would be continued head-tossing--this could be the result of muscle tension, but could also be a severe irritation caused by sharp teeth.   Each medium has its place in the well being of your horse, and HorseSerenity looks to improve your horse's AND your enjoyment of life and companionship that you both share.   
HorseSerenity recommends the following plans:
Plan A  -  for horses @ a very high level of competition 
               Week 1 - 3 Massages    
               Week 2 - 2 Massages  
               Week 3 - 1 Massage
               Week 4 - 1 massage on a weekly basis, on-going                             
Plan B  -  for horses that compete on a regular basis                                       
               1 massage every 2 weeks
Plan C  -  for horses that compete occasionally
               1 massage every 2 weeks for 6 weeks, then as needed

Plan D  -  for horses that have light competition and are used mainly for pleasure and/or  
               trail riding
               Massage as needed, basically on a weekly basis

                             You will find our rates to be extremely competitive and reasonable. 
One time customers, return customers, group and/or clinic rates are available for whatever your preference is.    
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