Equine Massage Therapy
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Cheryl A. Schenne
Certified Equine Massage Therapist
West Falls,NY

716-655-2328 home
631-495-4947 cell e-mail

Cheryl A. Schenne is originally from Western New York, where her love of horses began at an early age. Her family has owned the Dog Bar Restaurant in West Falls since 1941, and when she was younger, she used to go all over the neighborhood looking for horses to ride, stalls to clean, etc. just so she could be involved with them.  Her Dad bought her first horse for her when she was 14, and as they say, the rest is history.  She showed extensively in the 4-H and local circuit in both English and Western venues when she was younger and has worked at several local stables in the area throughout the years. 

She's done it all....Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Equitation, Western Polo, Trail Riding, Team Penning, Training, and today remains an avid horsewoman. 

The pictures seen on this website are a few of the horses she's owned, ridden and worked with over the years, along with a picture of her Dad, Ron Schenne, with his horse and cutter when he was a boy.   
Becoming an Equine Massage Therapist is a dream come true for her, allowing her to once more be involved with the animals she loves.  Her belief in the body's ability to heal itself has spurred her to promote equine massage
therapy to encourage just that. 

She received her Equine Massage Therapy Certification from the world reknowned Equissage Certificate Program in Virginia in 2005.  Equissage was the first such program in the world and since 1992 has graduated more than 8,000 Equine Sports Massage Technicians from every state in the United States and  also from 19 different countries around the world. 

Cheryl is also a life member of the
International Association of Animal
Massage Therapists (IAAMT).
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